Live cutting the same way we enjoy crafting!
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Live cutting the same way we enjoy crafting!
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Welcome at Moorschmied

We are unique-orientated.
Proud to be different.
A small independent
family business.
A modern tradition brand
since 2016.

Unique luxury lifestyle knives with practical aesthetics - that's Moorschmied

Steak knife “Steen”
Kitchen knife “Liv”

Knives like fingerprints

Of course, you can also cut meat, vegetables, fish with a spoon. That’s up to you, we’re just here to offer you another option.

Our “really made in Germany” alternatives come in high-end knife steels and perfect craftsmanship.

But that doesn’t make your knife special.

Your personal “Moorschmied” only exists exactly once in the entire world.
Don’t be modest, live your uniqueness!

The family business

Many years of experience and youthful enthusiasm make Moorschmied a vivid craft shop.

Our family business consists of the senior, a son-in-law and two sons, all of whom share one passion: the joy of the highest artistic craftsmanship.

We handcraft our unique pieces from raw steel and rough wood to the finished knife.

As hunters and good friends of special chefs, it is our concern that the knives that leave our house are optimised for their owner’s use, so that you and we are satisfied!

Do you have a special wish? Let us know and we will be happy to make you an individual offer.

Our promise ~ quality

Handmade by us! That means having full control over every step of the process.

At Moorschmied, every Moorschmied knife is made by us from start to finish. We do the rough forging as well as the finest grinding and sharpening on our own.

This is the only way we can meet the high standards we set for our knives and guarantee the first-class quality of our product as a handmade unique piece from German manufacturing.